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This website was created as a repository of research publications and ideas relating to risk and cyber security at the interface of technology, economics, and society.



I'm Stefan Frei and I’ve been in IT and security since the late 1980s. I've been paid to break in to the largest and best known organizations around the world for the last decade, worked for one of the world’s best known penetration testing security R&D divisions, and spoke a numerous international security conferencens.

Data Driven Research

My research is based on empirical facts derived from various public and proprietary data sources (“data mining”). I specialize in turning complex security data into actionable information and services, allowing businesses to make informed risk decisions.


Along the way I gathered a mixture of skills in software development, pentesting, security research, and consulting for both technical and management audiences. Some of my ideas and research is thought proviking as I am also looking into unconventional ways to address todays security challenges.

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Cool Ideas

How about outbidding cyber criminals with a massive bug bounty program by offering USD 150,000.- per vulnerability?
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Commentary & Discussion

For commentary and discussion about ideas relating to cyber risk use Twitter @stefan_frei or LinkedIn Stefan Frei.


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