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Password Generator

Password length min 4, max 64 characters
Number Number of passwords to be generated
Include characters Lower-case letters (e.g. abcdef)
Upper-case letters (e.g. ABCDEF)
Digits (e.g. 0123456789)
Special characters
Add special characters here (e.g. "+-*@#%=?!_;./()", max 100). You can repeat characters to increase their frequency in the password.

This Online Password Generator allows the creation of multiple random passwords of a given complexity. The combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers and punctuation symbols makes the passwords highly secure and difficult to guess or crack. Behaving randomly is surprisingly difficult for humans, so let a password generator do the job. If you need a shared secret for a limited time, try the random number generator instead.

Guidelines for strong passwords

Despite the name, there is no need for passwords to be actual words; indeed passwords which are not actual words are harder to guess (a desirable property), but are generally harder for users to remember (an undesirable property).
A strong password is a password that meets the following guidelines:

  • Be seven or fourteen characters long, due to the way in which encryption works. For obvious reasons, fourteen characters are preferable.
  • Contain both uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Contain numbers.
  • Contain symbols, such as +-*@#%=?!_;.
  • Not resemble any of your previous passwords.
  • Not be your name, your friend's or family member's name, or your login.
  • Not be a dictionary word or common name.

Password guessing

Studies of production computer systems have for decades consistently shown that about 40% of all user-chosen passwords are readily guessed automatically, and still more with some individual research regarding a particular user. Password strength is the likelihood that a password cannot be guessed or discovered by an unauthorized person or computer. Passwords easily guessed are termed weak or vulnerable; passwords very difficult or impossible to guess are considered strong.